Progress: part three

The Future is formed from dreams.
Feed, and all actions
is like nectar
to the cycle of things
that bring the evening glowings.

Partake in Life
That Industry of Man
That Market of Life
The Ecology of Earth

These are like Nectar
to the butterfly
They compete for interest
while silent like pillars
waving in the wind with respite

for the cycle of things
through the seasons
and the passing of the days
and the renewal
of relevant wisdom
as we adapt and evolve
to new information
with the same institutions.

Bring on the evening glowings
as we partake in life
like competing pillars
of relevant wisdom.
We partake in life
raising our Families
buying in the Market
working in Industry
living in Nature
that house our souls

like competing pillars
they keep the rain
and strife of life
off our head and sheltering
our shoulders
from a heavier burden

of relevant wisdom.
This is progress
that houses our souls
protecting from the strife of life
and heavier burdens
when in harmony.
Progress is Independence
the meaning of it all
the myth of self-made-men
and the pinnacle of the all seeing
the meaning behind flight
the root of civilization
the cry of the newborn
and the dying sigh of senescence
The undying revolution of the heart

houses our souls.
A building with four corners
Industry, Markets, Nature, and Man
Supporting an upper floor
with God, Jobs, Leisure, and Tools
And Tools, and tools
These build our independence too
with a little of everything

protecting from the strife of life
that rains voice of doubt
and shame and blame
and pain
While in service of the seven senses
to bring hope, life, and love.

While heavier burdens
build into the complex.
Understanding threatens to simplify
much into multiplexurality
with but basic relationships.

For when in Harmony,
the root of civilizations
builds with corners
supporting upper floors
building our independence
with a little of everything
in pleasing the seven senses,
while complex burdens
build up dead-ends.
The root of civilization
builds the pinnacle
as a mountain, wasting away,
becomes taller at the same time
growing, renewing, changing
from the mountains' willingness
to rise above it all

A building with four corners
shrinks in accessibility
the higher it grows
supporting upper floors
limited to a few
but made for everyone
as no one lives forever.

Our independence
is built the same
with a little of everything
from our Environment
from our Market
from our Industry
from our Humanity
and a willingness
to rise above it all

The seven senses
are the tastes of the mind
the feelings of intuition
the smell of thoughts
the sight of invention
the herald of creativity

while complex burdens
would deaden these senses
like slavery to a cigarette
will kill one's sense of taste, smell,
and feelings of peace
obscuring the simplicity
of anything's truth

with dead-ends and illusion.
The root of civilization
is your willingness to rise above it all
which few seem to find in time
as the sight of invention
or herald of creativity
of anything's truth
The root of civilization
is the impetus, the ambition
the American Dream
and charity
and hope
and life itself

that would rise above it all
as a mountain would rise
from the abyssal core
letting the world waste it away
while growing ever higher
ever sharper
as in youth

which may be hard to find
if one has ossified
their third eye
from too much fluoride
in the city waters
of normality

yet inventiveness
can keep a fresh eye
for it springs from the heart
as premeditated as spontaneity
with or without hardwork
gentle and easy
or forced and hard
the mind becoming supple
with flexibility

The herald of creativity
is bound only to independence
and channelled into meaning
only by one's art
though need can go a long way
into making use of this
stream of consciousness

-of anything's truth-
the impetus, the ambition
grows ever higher and sharper
in the third eye
of a supple and flexible mind,
channelled by one's art
The impetus of ambition
is the mother of independence
buoyant like stone
that weighs tons
to end up floating

and growing one's
ways of invention
stands upon that mountain
to view the horizons
of possibility,
to bring back together
the things that have
fallen apart

and in the mind's eye
of a supple and flexible mind
lies the thirst of independence
in an ecology of Markets
in a family of Industry
in an economics of Nature
in a use of Mankind

Channelling one's art
ends up floating
ways of invention and possibility
in an ecology
in a family
in an economics
for a use
like the soul's psyche
to lick tears away
by a crying stream
gleaming in the sun

of invention and possibility.
Our independence forges the future
through dreams of hope
inventing more possibility
and making possible more invention for:

An ecology
recycling its environment,

A family

An economy
tools of

A use
of crying dreams
like streams of hope
is an invention of possibility
to reuse
the love
of happiness
A crying dream
that calls beyond conciousness
is not the bite of a black dog
but a frog that lands on shoulder
to massage your brain
and your pain

like a stream of hope
the calling frog
does not confirm your thoughts
but gives sought after

in an invention of possibility
the blind see turtles where frogs lie
and bears climb
but demonized where stigma
and monkeys swing
sticks to beat the brains
out others in argument
Love Thy Neighbor

to reuse
A Law!
The forces of stability!
of nutrition! competition!
DEMAND this mutualism to grow
or freewill won't flow
from heaven

and Love
will be imprisoned
in shackles of tyranny

is a massage to your brain
giving sought after resolve
where monkeys swing
to demand mutualism
ignoring shackles of tyranny
but instead praying for his enemy
Sought after resolve
in an industry of markets
in an ecology of mankind
brings independence-

Where monkeys swing
the stability of nutrition
and competition of mutualism
brings freewill-

To Demand

while shackles of tyranny
watch like panopticon prisons
Mostly- but in ones mind
as an illusion of shadow
instead of any light

And so I pray for you-
to celebrate independence
to rejoice with freewill
on every level
in every light
be filled
celebrate independence
celebrate sports
celebrate fisherman
celebrate churches
celebrate education
and thank the Lord

rejoice freewill
rejoice ingenuity
rejoice health
rejoice acceptance
rejoice wealth
and thank the Lord

On every level
the dimensions of heaven
spread into each other
while some ephemeral,
others like the rock
float in perception
like the seas of time.

In every light
Independence and freewill color
from the skin on our backs
to paint on walls
providing an identity
or merely coloring our moods

Be filled
by celebration of education
by joy of ingenuity
and spread to each other
like the seas of time
the color of independence and freewill
The celebration of education
is a waterfight as we paint.
with waterguns of the mind,
by teachers of signs,
and sight.
the light fills
to keep us cool

The joy of ingenuity
is an opportunity
and sadly closure
Change is difficult
and with the good
in our hearts,
we leave the bad to rot
exposed in the winter of night

Spread to each other
meet another's shores
of one's hearts oceans
and shed a tear of joy

into the seas of time;
and listen to your heart,
the primordial light,
for it leads you to safety
while brains lead to ambition.

The color of independence and freewill
is a waterfight as we paint
with waterguns of our minds
from the water of our hearts' oceans,
the light primordial
an aurora
A waterfight as we play
is unscored
and undone
as we strive
to keep cool

with waterguns of minds,
saying more with our actions
than with our points;
revealing more about ourselves
than actually dealing damage

with the water of our heart's oceans
we pay
we pray
we play
to make ends meet
with time, money, emotion,
and synergy

the primordial light
keeps these things straight
as they braid
in twilight
but in the day
they resonate with harmony.

Aurora skies
keep cool
with the synergy
of twilight.
Keeping cool
might be Epicurean
But clearness
and stillness
are desirable
in of themselves,
to keep cool
to keep calm

the revelations
that conflate
from mere existence,
to bubble up from within

And the synergy
of such revelations
hopefully sponsor
and freedom
in your lives

May twilight
clear and still,
conflate consciousness
to sponsor
health and calm
in our lives
The clear and still,
merges complexity
into the big picture
for study
or any number of things
that pictures allow

Conflate consciousness
merge the aspects
so perspective
of the big picture
is not so confusing

to sponsor
more clarity
more peace

for more health and calm
as there is no way to peace
but peace and love
are the way

in our lives
where we value
the fruit of our labors
and work to protect it
so we may continue
to enjoy ourselves.

Pictures allow
merging of aspects
to view the big pictures
for more clarity and peace,
the fruit of our labors
Pictures allow
the spoken sibilance
of words
to lie dormant

while merging aspects
of time and need
into a 2-d
of the real thing

The big picture
is a fractal thing
where puts
and macro
in balance
for purveyance

hopefully clarity and peace
join pysche
for a plain viewing
of dynamics
in mind's eye,
the biggest picture of all
colored by our hopes and dreams

The fruit of labors
lie dormant-like
in a 2-d
of a mind's eye
lies the present
But grasp
and fruit
seed the landscape

of 2-d
for cultivation.

the needs
of the microscopic
the global environment
and needs of environment
the micro globalism

while balance,
a fiction of cohesion,
narrates the story
of interdependency

And mind's eye
plays the story back
in smell
back in touch
in sight
back in hearing
in taste
plays back in ideas and intuition

The garden
seeded landscape
of cultivation
has needs
of interdependency,
reflection, and intuition
to awaken
A seeded landscape
whether an in-road
or a dwelling

grow them
in your mind

Needs of interdependency
dictate you do
or your mind will sleep
on the tv or beer
lulled into complacency
and habit

reflection and intuition
lead the way
to growing ideas
and harvesting the fruit
of dreams bigger than hope

and lull
the dreams bigger than hope
the small truth
that liberates
your entirety
with but ease

those wild ideas
those secrets
people think you insane for
because everything is undreamt
unspoken and unthunk
in the beginning

the world of possibility

those bad hopes called fear
put them to rest
and read them their last rites
for life is living, laughter, and love

Dreams are bigger than hope
everything undreamt
in a world of possibility
for more living, laughter, and love.
your mind
and your ass will follow

as everything undreamt
is a tale of everything
that has already happened

in this world of possibility
and thousands of colors
and myriad of things
and variety of stars to follow
in a big wide world

Living, laughter, and love
liberates one's mind
in a tale of everything
with variety of stars to follow
is the revolution
which will not be televised
for within the hearts of men
lies a desire for privacy
and private conviction

is the infinite consciousness
the liberation of a man
is freedom for the country
as the branch forks
on a tree
in a forest
covering a mountain
in a range

Various stars lead
various paths
that won't be televised
nor crunched for public consumption
as the liberation of man
is a private thing
that covers a mountain
with good news
various paths
twine through
that is
and nature

They aren't televised
as most of television
is premeditated spontaneity
with narration
and fictions galore

To crunch for public consumption
in a box,
most life won't fit

as liberation requires
peace and clarity
whereas time
is a critical commodity
on television

I would suggest
throwing out your television
for you can't draw mustaches
on their advertisements
or can you?

On a mountain
I ponder

with good news
twined through
a box
of peace and clarity
in advertisement
twined through
the industry
of natureplace markets,
swings mankind
liberating bananas

from a box
through mechanical means
and eaten through

while peace and clarity
imbuing synergy
flows from said banana
freeing up realities
freeing up sight
feeding one's belly
feeding one's mind

In Advertisement
swings mankind
with imbuing synergy
hopefully freeing up realities
swing mankind
see the stars
from the treetops
while the ants
lost except for
scent trails

from scavenging
we strive
to improve tribes

with imbuing synergy
like the stuff of bananas
or impromptu showers
in an asylum
leaving one wet with spirit

Free up realities
from the trees
while ants scavenge
following scents,
strive to improve tribes
and leave them wet with spirit
This warms like a banana.
and feed
the monkey.
Even knowledge
between right and wrong,
as is life and death,
are tree.

Ants on the otherhand
in the wastebasket
of nature
filled with chaos
trying to find the scent
of its predecessor,

strive to improve
the world
in acting locally
while thinking globally

Wet with that spirit
1 person could be 10,000.
May as well be 7 billion
with compassion

This warms me,
shelters and feeds me
to scavenge in such thoughts
as I act locally
as One person of 10,000

Shelter and food
is an industry
industry drives a market
as need creates need
and tastes form tastes
building complexity.

To scavenge such thoughts
to supply them with material
we but plant a seed
in the garden of the mind
to cultivate fine thoughts
that feed one's life, liberty,
and pursuit of happiness

of acting locally
supplying my community
with my spirit
as nature supplies man
with synergy

as One person of Infinity
dualism is an illusion
of existence,
of the myriads of things
cycling from source to expression
back to source spiritual and material
as both wave and particle
as we hurtle through space
amongst stars
Thus all progress is made,
hurtling past stars.

The industry drives the market
supplies it with material
so does nature supply man
in matters spiritual
and thus all progress is made